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Our office has been active since 1999 in the field of design and construction of public and private projects, staffed by experienced engineers and partners with many years of design, construction, construction and design experience, who can undertake all parts of the implementation of a project by design to construction with consistency and efficiency.

01. Building permits

Our office undertakes the issuance of building permits & the issuance of approval of small-scale permits, providing all the required studies.

04. Electronic Building Identity

The Electronic Building Identity is the file in which all the details of the buildings, independent or divided properties, are registered together with the details of the owners, the KAEK, the history but also the content of the building permits, the energy class of the buildings, the arbitration regulations the type of static control of the construction and the topographic data of the plot or field for the off-plan areas.

02. Topographically

You can contact our office to compile the topographic diagram of your property or even to locate it with simple coordinates.

05. Land Registry

The scientific team of our office consists of experienced engineers and lawyers for the most valid and correct declaration of your property in the National Land Registry, providing all the necessary services for the preparation & submission of your file.

03. Arbitrary settlements

With many years of experience we have in the legal & urban context, we can guide you to the most correct and economical solution for settling the arbitrariness of your property, based on the respective legislation, reducing the amount of the fine.

06. Energy certificates

We undertake the issuance of Energy Certificate (EPC) after an autopsy of the space for the recording of heating – cooling systems. The PEA is necessary in any case that concerns the sale, rental or transfer of your property.

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If you have a property for sale or for consideration or you are still interested in buying, contact us.

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