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Παγωμένου Χ. 71 & Δ Σολωμού



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About us

About us

Our company, with experience since 1999, is strategically active in key sectors of our country's economy.

The human scientific team of our company consists of Civil Engineers - Architectural Engineers - Surveyors - Mechanical Engineers - Economists - specialized salesmen who support and implement your every effort. With experience and knowledge we provide modern proposals & solutions in the fields:
  • Building Permits
  • Architectural studies
  • Topographic
  • Energy certificates
  • Arbitrary settlement
  • Electronic building ID
  • Inclusion in programs (NSRF, Development Law, Saving, LEADER)

With a strong network of partners in Greece and abroad, we promote, support and implement the purchase and sale of your property. We undertake the development and promotion of your property through integrated projects to Greek and foreign investors.

With an experienced team of craftsmen we build and renovate your home or business space under the supervision of our scientific team.

"We design and realize your dreams"


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